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Viale Rinaldo Piaggio, 32 Pontedera (PI) - 56025 - IT



+39 328 32 10 155

  • University of Pisa

    Italian University

    If the dream was already present, it was thanks to the University of Pisa that JOS has become what it is. JOS Technology is Spin-Off of this Athenaeum. We collaborate in research, cooperation and important decisions.

  • Ministry of Economic Development


    MISE, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, is a virtual partner of all the Italian Start-ups. It offers services, mapping, reporting and mentoring. It’s the most important institutional representative.

  • Fioravanti Snc

    A company with thirty years of experience and innovation in the processing of artistic metal sheet. Our invaluable partner from the beginning, this company has believed so much in JOS project and made it possible to obtain the current results.

  • Mevaco Srl

    MEVACO is a much-valued and reliable partner for the design of railings, fences, gates, façades and much more. It was an honor for JOS to find from the beginning such a large company that can support the project, with listening and sensitivity.

  • FabLab Pisa

    Center for innovation, research, design and 3D printing. With the great passion of the FabLab boys, it was possible to achieve the first prototypes of JOS with extremely innovative and disruptive 3D technologies.

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